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A space for artists and writers to create, present, and archive hard-to-categorize work of spectacular originality in all media, and find additional appreciation for it in the wider world.

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Artists in Projects, Screenings, Publications and Exhibitions Curated by eMediaLoft include:

Natalia Almada (Brooklyn)
Diane Bonder (Brooklyn)
Lawrence Brose (Buffalo)
Brandstifter (Mainz, Germany)
Clare Carswell (Oxford)
Bill Creston (New York)
Sena Clara Creston (R.P.I. Troy, New York)
Rebecca Dreyfus, Gregory Millard Fellow (New York)
Ed Durante (New York)
Rissi Evans (New York)
Dan Freeman (Brooklyn)
Bonny Finberg
Coleen Fitzgibbon (New York)
CB Fisher (New York)
Sandra L. Gibson (New York)
Michael Gitlin (New York)
Stephanie Gray (Buffalo)
Prudence Groube (New York)
Tom Jarmusch (New York)
Pam Kray (Stone Ridge, NY)
Lars Kunstler (Berlin)
Georgia Lee (New York)
Jeffrey Lerer (New York)
Liz-n-Val (New York)
Mzter Sam (New York)
Margot Niederland (New York)
Adam Piken (Brooklyn)
DJ RoBeat (Berlin)
Barbara Rosenthal (New York)
Leon Rosenthal Estate (New York)
Edith Stephen (New York)
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright (New York)

Associated Venues and Organizations:

Central Booking (New York)
Galerie Glass (Berlin)
Directors Lounge (Berlin)
Fusion Arts Museum (New York and Prague)
Morgenvogel Real Estate (Berlin)
The Museum of Modern Media (New York)
NYArts Magazine (New York)
PlushNY Magazine (Brooklyn)
Project 59 (Brooklyn)
LiveMag! (New York)
Washington Street Press (New York)
Xanadu Press (New York) 744 Washington St., #A-629 (enter 55 Bethune, 6th floor)
Meatpacking District / West Village, NYC
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