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A space for artists and writers to create, present, and archive hard-to-categorize work of spectacular originality in all media, and find additional appreciation for it in the wider world.

Rates, Services, & Equipment

Rates, Services, & Equipment
There is no membership required to utilize services at The Media Loft.
Equipment, except as noted, is operated by eMediaLoft professionals, and based roughly on $65/hr.
There is limited self-use, no rental.
Check to see if you are eligible for a Creative Projects Grant.
Services are discounted 10% for students, seniors over 60, and members of non-profitss and unions.


1. Create Projects on Apple iMac-27inch in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iMovie, iDVD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, iTunes, Audacity Audio, Peak Audio, Audio Cleaner, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Dragon Dictate, any text program, and zillions of fonts, etc.

2. Shoot digital and HD video movies, music videos, performance poetry, openings, parties, or events with Canon GL1 3-chip camera using mini-DV tapes and/or Sony HDR-SRI HD Video Camera.

3. Record and play mini-DV and DV-Cam digital tapes on Sony DSR-11 digital deck.

4. Shoot or scenes or record voice-overs or soundtracks in studio with Lowel Omni and Tota Lights and Sony mike and a good Sound Effects Library, Audacity Audio, and many other sound features.

5. Produce subtitles, credits, and all text in many languages,with English language assistance.

6. Create, record, burn, publish and package CDs, MP3s, MP4s, AIFFs, audiotapes, CDc, DVDs, slides, photographs, books, etc.

7. Transfer between Beta, PAL, Secam, NTSC video, mini-DV, DV-Cam, DVD, HD, Regular-8, Super/8 &16mm film, and 8mm, Hi-8, VHS. & 3/4 video; vinyl records, etc.

8. Screen and edit Regular/8 and Super/8 Films on Revere R/8 and Elmo-1200 S/8 projectors and Super/8 Sync Sound Editing Bench. (Self-use after instruction.)

9.Screen and project video and all media up to 92" wide on Vivitek beamer DVD and media projector and large beaded screen.

10. Add stills, graphics, special effects, filters and transitions in sound and picture for movies, and create stills from your movies, as photographs.

11. Transfer R/8 & S/8 films into Final Cut Pro to edit and sync Super/8 film and fullcoat or other audio sources and for outputting and duping to all media.

12. Edit in Final Cut Pro, and output to VHS, mini-DV, DV-Cam, CD-ROM, DVD or web.

13. Pose for professional head shots, or portraits, then choose, retouch, and leave with them in same day.

14. Issue your books with imprints Washington Street Press, Xanadu Press, or The Media Loft, published by, with ISBN numbers, and list in Books-In-Print,, etc. if your book is in keeping with our program.

15. Make your own button pins. (Self-use or technician.)

15. Create books or fiber art or original fashion or clothing on sewing machine. (Self-use or technician.)

16. Produce & bind graphics and publicity such as cover art, labels, grant proposals, resumes, artists' statements, catalogs, etc.

17. Photograph anything, including art, in 35mm color or B&W film or slides or digital photography with professional Olympus analog and digital cameras. Use copy stand for photographic copies, slides of your art, animation, etc. (Self-use or professional photographer.)

18. Print silver-gelatin darkroom prints and complete print finishing work, such as negatives, contact prints, work prints, fine prints, toning, and dry mounting. (Call to discuss sizes.)

19. Produce all types of flatbed and transparency scans with Epson Perfection 1650 and Professional Epson Transparency Scanner for negs & slides up to 4x5 and large flatwork. (Call to discuss sizes.)

20. Scan negatives and slides on Plustek OpticFilm 7500i SE Film Scanner with 7200 dpi resolution and Silverfast software.

21. Create and print original designs on T-shirts or fabric for fiber art.

22. Prepare materials for the internet, create websites. And exhibit on Artists' Pages if your work is in keeping with our program.

24. Take a one-on-one lesson or enroll in a 4-member Workshop in Photography, Video Editing, Artists' Books or Writing (poetry, literature, or art criticism).

25. Revise translations into English. Or take a workshop or personal tutorial in English Writing Skills, etc. taught by instructor with over 20 years college English teaching experience in New York.


Complex projects can be budgeted for a flat rate, or at the hourly rates listed below.

All fees include editor/operator/instructor and there is no self-use except where noted. Equipment is not for rent. This ensures that all equipment is in excellent working condition, and our small, experienced staff guarantees quality and speed of production.

Video and S/8 shooting fees for films and performances are $285 for up to 2 hours, and $385 up to 4 hours and $100/hr after that in the studio or Manhattan locations, or $100 additional outside Manhattan + transportation + media (one mini-DV tape, and/or one boxed DVD and transfer are supplied free).

Photography shooting fees are the same, if they are digital, and include three retouched, formatted, text-added prints, with extra prints costing $20 each, but can go as low as $95 for a one-roll color or B&W film shoot in the studio or outdoors in the neighborhood. We also photograph art, but fees vary, so artist should call.

Straight transfers of R/8 or S/8 film to digital video is 25c/ft or to digital is 30c/ft, with a $65 minimum (about 250 feet, or 15 minutes) + media + $20/each special service, if necessary, such as splicing, etc.

All computer work is $65/hr, prorated to the nearest 1/4-hr after the first hour.

Dubs & standards transfers vary as to media, length, quantity, etc., so artist should call.

One-to-one lessons are $65/hr. Group classes (with no more than 4 students) are $45/hr/student. They are demonstrations, and students are strongly urged to take notes. To practice, students can book time at another facility that keeps a computer technician on its staff, or work on their own computer.

S/8 film editing and some book arts, button pins, sewing maching and animation are the only service available for self-use, at $15/hr after a one-time $65 charge for set-up, instruction, and expert availability. All other service fees include technician / instructor.

We do consider proposals to rent the gallery or studio for screenings, video projections, exhibitions, or events, if the proposal is in keeping with our program.

Payment is in cash at the end of each session. Drop-off work has a 2-3 day turnover or a 24hr rush charge of $25.

Normal hours are Tues-Sun, 11-4, but 24/7 is available for a small surcharge:
4pm-7pm = $15/day; 7pm-midnight = $25/day; midnight-5am=$50/day; 5am-11am=$75/day; Mondays & holidays = $75/day.