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A space for artists and writers to create, present, and archive hard-to-categorize work of spectacular originality in all media, and find additional appreciation for it in the wider world.

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eMediaLoft curates and presents readings, text-based art, and text-based audio and video in NY and Europe, and fosters collaborations among artists, musicians, performers and writers.

Writing Services and Services for Writers include book production and publication in association with Washington Street Press, Xanadu Press, and PlushNY Magazine; English language assistance; editing; ISBN numbers, catalog essays; artists' statements; reviews; resumes; bindings; author's portraits; blurbs; descriptions of all art and literary media; audio and video recording and production; CDs, DVDs; illustration, graphic design, layout; voice-to-text with Dragon Dictate; etc.

Poetry written here has been performed in New York at The Bowery Poetry Club, Cornelia Street Cafe, St. Marks Poetry Project, The Patterson Museum, and in Berlin with musical collaboration at Joe′s Bar, Lucas Carrieri Gallery, and Lettretage.

Translations, per se, are not written here, but the correction and revision of texts translated by non-native writers into English, has been a growing pursuit.

Link to published writings and editorial work by eMediaLoft
PlushNY Magazine edited by Dan Freeman
Reviews Pages in ArtCircles edited by Holly Crawford
NYArts Magazine published by Abraham Lubelsky 744 Washington St., #A-629 (enter 55 Bethune, 6th floor) Meatpacking District / West Village, NYC
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