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A space for artists and writers to create, present, and archive hard-to-categorize work of spectacular originality in all media, and find additional appreciation for it in the wider world.

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Artists' Books

The Media Loft hosts three imprints:, Washington Street Press and Xanadu Press. Our ISBN number prefix is ISBN 0-29728. Hand-made unique bookworks in various materials, limited edition computer-printed works, and editioned works readied for offset, are created here. Some are also published on CD audio reading- and video-variation discs. The relationship of image and text is extensively explored and exhibited here, and bookwork performances involving music and audio elements are also created.

eMediaLoft artists' bookworks and publications are in the Special Collections Libraries of the Tate, MoMa, The Whitney, Berlin Kunstbibliotek, and elswhere, and some are represented by Central Booking, an artspace in Brooklyn specializing in artists' books and prints. Performances involving books, video and audio have been held at five venues in Berlin 2009-2011: Lucas Carieri Gallery, Directors Lounge, Lettretage, Galerie Christian Glass, and Joe's Bar.

The Media Loft also houses a modest reference library of Artist's Books, as well as other art, photography, film and video books and catalogs, and international literature (in English).

Link to Artist's Books by Barbara Rosenthal