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A space for artists and writers to create, present, and archive hard-to-categorize work of spectacular originality in all media, and find additional appreciation for it in the wider world.

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Washington Street Press // Xanadu Press

Washington Street Press (New York)
Xanadu Press (New York)

are imprints of
and, as such, represent unexpected confluences of images and texts, often born in collaboration.


x a n a d u p r e s s

recent and forthcoming publications

by Bonny Finberg
20 pgs
forthcoming April 28, 2017

by Barbara Rosenthal
April 1, 2016

by Prudence Groube
Feb, 2015

by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
20 pgs
June, 2014


SUBMISSION POLICY: None. We publish by invitation only, and make all publications free to read, as well as in print and online for purchase. Enjoy!

EVENTS: The next event of X A N A D U P R E S S will be in NYC, Friday, April 28, 2017, 6pm at
231 11th Ave (W. 26th St; E/C to W. 23rd St.)
co-hosted with Deadly Chaps Press to celebrate the defiitive first edition of Barbara Rosenthal's novel, Wish for Amnesia, (Deadly Chaps Press) and the x a n a d u publications named above. Rosenthal will discuss the 38-year process of the novel in relationship to the other 70 image/text/performance/media works of hers that Printed Matter offers, and what she means by "Media Poetry." She will talk about how art and literary work in overlapping media fits together. She will discuss the small presses Deadly Chaps, Washington Street, and Xanadu, and present four artist/writer mediated thinkers to present and talk about the works they produced or screened at Bonny Finberg (poet), Coleen Fitzgibbon (video artist) Prudence Groube (book artist), Jeffrey Cyphers Wright (poet/collagist).
EVENT: 744 Washington St., #A-629 (enter 55 Bethune, 6th floor)
Meatpacking District / West Village, NYC
Subways A,C,E,L,1,2,3 to 14th St. 7th/8th Ave. (or walk south a few blocks from Highline.
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